Watch "Interacting with Transmedia" -- An InterActs Online Roundtable by NAMAC & The Daily Dot

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our first InterActs Live Hangout on February 21, 2013: "Interacting wtih Transmedia." This engaging conversation brought together leading figures in filmmaking, games research, journalism, and online culture, to assess how different disciplines are engaging audiences and expanding stories across a variety of platforms.

Complete transcript of the conversation here.  Time-coded summary of key points here.

And check out this well-crafted Storify digest of the #InterActs Transmedia Twitter conversation, curated by StoriesLead.

00:00 -- Sponsor introduction
5:20 -- Each panelist introduces himself/herself
26:50 -- Discussion of terminology: what words are important to us? how can we use language to differentiate between different kinds of transmedia work?
40:00 -- The effects of the internet and other technology on media making and media distribution
45:00 -- Transmedia for distribution vs. lasting transmedia projects; how do we manage projects' timeframes?
49:20 -- Authorship vs. interactivity: how do we decide when to hand off parts of a story to our audiences?
53:00 -- Transmedia in the real world and in documentaries: "world-building" in nonfiction filmmaking, personal stories vs. larger-issue/social justice stories
1:00:40 -- Transmedia for marketing, outreach, social action: how do we encourage interactivity and participation for users/audiences?
1:08:50 -- Examples of transmedia success; panelists' closing remarks


InterActs Online Roundtables are brought to you through a partnership between NAMAC and The Daily Dot.