Women Make Movies Executive Director Named Hot Docs Doc Mogul

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Women Make Movies

NAMAC is proud to congratulate long-time NAMAC Member organization, Women Make Movies (WMM). Their Executive Director, Debra Zimmerman, will be awarded Hot Docs' 2013 Doc Mogul Award at an awards ceremony on April 30, during the 2013 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

This honor comes on the heels of many great strides recently made by Women Make Movies. Late in 2012, two WWM filmmakers, Natalia Almada and Laura Poitras, earned distinguished MacArthur Foundation Genius Awards. These Awards nationally recognized the filmmakers' unique and compassionate storytelling styles, while also demonstrating that WMM is a leader in nurturing work that speaks to audiences and expands perspectives.

Around that same time, Women Make Movies was named a finalist in the Chase American Giving Award. The national exposure this compeition brought WMM also drew  attention to a new, exciting initiative they are leading to bring their catalog of films to 40,000,000 viewers worldwide! To do so, WMM will create a digital distribution platform that can reach a global audience and offer a sustainable solution for storytelling, dialogue and possibilities.

For some time now, WMM has been at the helm of thinking through questions of online distribution and how to optimize the educational impact of a film when it is viewed online. You can read more about some of their strategies and ideas here, in an Open Dialogue NAMAC hosted on Online Distribution.

Read more about the Doc Mogul Award and Debra Zimmerman's accomplished career here.