Transmedia Blog Salon November 20-24

The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) is hosting blog salon on Transmedia Storytelling for February 20 - 24. We are inviting leaders and practitioners in the field to reflect on transmedia storytelling for nonprofits and grassroots filmmakers. 

Transmedia storytelling is storytelling across multiple platforms that invites audiences to engage in a storyworld through multiple entry points. Multiple authors are invited to take part in the narrative.

The question our panelists will be responding to is: What makes a successful transmedia story?

Our Panelists:

Lina SrivastavaLina Srivastava Consulting
Nedra Weinreich, Weinrich Communications
Panelists will be contributing posts all next week. Feel free to engage with the conversation in our comments section.
Join us!
Ingrid Kopp:
Robert Pratten:
Lina Srivastava:
"Know Your Premise," February 24th
Nedra Weinreich: